My closet


On today’s post I want to introduce to you,my closet and show you the way that I organise mine.
So, I chose a white closet, cuz in my opinion I can see the clothes better and it also matches the other furniture in my room. I mostly like keeping my clothes hanging, but I don’t have enough space for all of them, so I also have some of them folded. The ones from the hangers, I like to keep them organised by colour and also by type, so the dresses stay next to the dresses and the shirts next to other shirts, this way is easier for me to find them when I’m in a rush and I don’t know what to wear.


The shoes you see here are some of the heels I have and don’t wear everyday and I like keeping them on shelves, because this way I can see them and don’t forget what I have. For us, girls, this is a really big problem. We forget the clothes and shoes we have and never wear them, although the clothes are really nice and appropriate for some events.The rest of the shoes, flats and boots, I keep at the door on some shelves.



In here I have the folded ones and few blazers and jackets hanged. The ones that are folded are mostly pants and jeans, that don’t need to be hanged, T-shirts, sweatshirts, pijamas, underwear, socks, towels, sheets.


Above my shoes, I have some bags and cluthes, also not the really big ones and the ones that I use everyday. In here, I organises them by size and not by colour.


Under the hangers I keep the accesories, some cremes and small things, organised in boxes, from Ikea, of course. This is really a good and handy way of organise small things that are hard to find.



For exaple, in here are I have my belts arranged in a way that I can see all of them, my sunglasses, my walltes, some necklaces, gloves and headbeands.


This hanger is also from Ikea and it is perfect for scarves and also for men ties.


In this box I keep some of my small collecion of jewlery and I also thought of this nice idea of keeping some of the necklaces and pendants in a champagne glass. It looks pretty glamourous, don’t you think? And just right next to them I found this small bottle of champagne, that is perfect for me to keep my bracelets on. This way I can see them better and they look super nice and original.


In these boxex I have some big earings and some head flowers and other accesories I don’t use everyday. And I found this nice small vase at my mother’s and thought of keeping my pearls in it.


This small tub is from Sephora. It wasn’t for sale but somehow I convinced the girl that was working there to give it to me, cuz I like it so much. I keep my phone cases in it and some small and shiny headphones .




In this drawers, I storage my make up, also in boxes from Ikea and the hair ‘devices’ in a straw basket. The nailposiles and everything necessary for many and peddy I keep also in this small basket.


Last but not least, my perfumes. I love wearing perfume and I could never leave the house without wearing it, but I also love the design of the small bottles, so I thought of keeping them somwhere I can see them and also enjoy their design. I bought this cake small cake plates, I believe they are called, to put my perfumes on. I added some accesories to make it look better.

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I know that this isn’t my closet, but she is my lovely bird-pet and I had to include her in my pics of cute nice things. Everyone meet Crao, the sweetest cockatiel!


And this is the painting of my favourite city and place in the whole world, beside our home, hanging above our heads everynight and helps me have nice dreams.

Hope you like today’s post and get some tips of how to organise your closet.

Have a nice day, you fashionistas!