Skin care


Hello beauty addicts! Today’s post is about skin care and I want to introduce you some new organic products from Fereto. They offered me this package of 4 creams in order to test them and tell about their effects on my skin.

So, there are 3 types of face creams: one for sensitive skin – Hydra Sensitive Botanical, one hydrating for normal skin – Hydramax Botanical and my favourite one, for oily skin – Hydra Mat Botanical. There is also an eye cream to firm the skin around your eyes and prevent wrinkles – Hydra-Firming Eye Cream.

Now I will tell you my opinion about these creams after I have been using them for almost two weeks. As I said my favourite one is Hydra Mat Botanical although I don’t really have oily skin but I love the sensation that this cream gives to you after using it. The cream mattifies your skin and at the same time it hydrates and softens it. I also love the smell that is really natural, a herbal smell that confirms that the cream’s ingredients are really organic.

Also the universal moisturizer -Hydramax Botanical is a really good cream that hydrates your skin and softens it but without that mattifying effect as the Hydra Mat one. This one is perfect for dry skin that is really oil free and only needs to be hydrated.

The third face cream, the Hydra Sensitive Botanical was my least favourite because I do not have sensitive skin with redness or any other rushed and I found it a little bit sticky and didn’t quite like its consistence, but I guess this was because it wasn’t appropriate for my complexion.

The eye cream is indeed really firming and I feel the skin around my eyes really relaxed after using it. I don’t know what to tell you about the wrinkle reduction because I do not really have wrinkles yet but it smells amazing and also really natural and it hydrated and relaxed my skin giving it a more clean look.

So this was my opinion on the Fereto Botanical creams and I will be still using the Hydra Mat Botanical that I have been using also before applying make up and was great and worked as a primer and an oil free product at the same time and the Hydra Firming Eye Cream.