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A really important role in the way we preset ourselves besides the clothing and make up are the fragrances we use. Some of you asked me what perfumes to I like and use and I’ve decide to write this article. For me it is really important to identify myself with the perfume I’m wearing. If I amusing a perfume that doesn’t fit me like a glove I feel uncomfortable the whole day, do you know what I mean?

Here are the perfumes that I am currently using. I keep all of them in a wooden white tray and I also keep some of the old bottles that I liked very much even though they are empty and the perfumes that I once had and got bored of them. After some time I smell them again and see if I like them and if I should buy them again.



This my current favourite fragrance and it is from Valentino. Valentina – Aqua Florale

In my opinion this smells like a princess perfume, so delicate but royal at the same time. It smells a bit like the tuberose flower.


Another one that I like is this one from Lancome. Tresor – Midnight Rose

This one was a gift but suited me perfectly. I love its sweet smell and mysterious smell.

The small bottle is with the Very Irresistible from Givenchy that I used to have and still like it a lot.


These are my winter favourites.

Dior – Hypnotic Poison Eau Sensuelle which smells sweet but mixed with a heavy and old smell.

Dior – Hypnotic Poison which is very similar with Eau Sensuelle but it is more heavy and not so sweet, perfect for winter, it holds its smell much longer.


These are my springish/summerish perfumes, so fresh, so fruity.

Victor & Rolf – Flower Bomb La vie en rose It is a summer edition of the Flower Bomb, really sweet, fresh. But I also like the simple Flower Bomb.

Britney Spears – Fantasy This one smells like a lollypop or like you baked cupcakes all day long.

Victoria Secret – Noir Tease It is perfect for endless summer nights. Sweet and a refreshing vaporizer.


These are some of the old bottles that I told you about. I keep them for the design. I also use this small Victoria’s Secret –  Tease, in my bag for whenever I need to refresh my scent.

The small sample is with Ferragamo’s -Signorina Eleganza. I have used this sample and realized this is the next perfume from my collection, really elegant sweet and mysterious.


Now our body also needs some fragrance and I love the scented body lotions.

I have this green tea Sephora body lotion and shower gel which I use during summer and makes me feel really invigorated.

The Prada – Candy is for winter, it has a sweet smell but more heavy.

Victoria’s Secret – Noir Tease body lotion all time favourite, so soft and smells delicious.


My currenly fav cream is this Fereto – Hydra Mat Botanical  It has a herbal smell and mattifies my skin.

Hands cream is this Banho from Salt resort Wear with a citrus smell.

Dior BB cream is perfect for the black circles around my eyes and and smooths the skin.


This body lotion Voga also from Salt Resort Wear it is actually pretty good for my hands and I love its jasmine and tuberose smell and matte consistence.


  1. Great post! Different fragrances are important for me too! Love your favorites and how you store them!

  2. Apreciez tare mult ca ai scris despre parfumurile tale, Larisa! As fi curioasa sa stiu daca pe emag sunt originale?ca am vazut ca linkurile trimit acolo. Mersi :*

    • Buna Iulia,
      Nu stiu sa iti spun exact pentru ca eu nu le-am luat de acolo,insa pe Emag le-am gasit online si m-am gandit ca ar fi folositor pentru cititoarele mele.
      Cand o sa incerc o sa te anunt daca sunt ok.
      Te pup!:*

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