Wedding guest


These pictures are from the past weekend when I have attended a wedding. This was the perfect dress because it wasn’t too short as it is asymmetrical and not too long, so I could dance all night long. I was wearing the baby blue ruffled dress from Shein, that is blue, not white, the flash did this to the colour, with Jessica Buurman dusty pink sandals.

Braided my hair on both sides, so it wouldn’t get in the way and accessorized my look with the gold Lulu’s clutch.









I was wearing:

Shein blue ruffled dress
Jessica Buurman sandals
Lulu’s golden clutch
Artelier bracelet

Photos taken with Canon 6D and Sigma 85 mm f1.4 lenses , Canon 50 mm, f 1.4 lenses and flash Canon Speedlite 430EX II


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  2. Astazi m-am uitat la ea si am vrut s-o comand, m-am razgandit la gandul ca pe burtica mea de insarcinata, ar da si mai mult volum si nu m-ar avantaja 😀
    Esti superba :*

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