The black dress and the velvet chair


Did you ever wonder how those beautiful dresses from prom & wedding gown websites really look like in reality? Well, I did and decided to order this black two piece gown, very elegant but also modern from I was really surprised with the size of the package it came in, as it was so small and yet contained such a big and beautiful skirt inside. The lace crop top represents that modern twist. This is what makes this two piece gown so interesting, along with the mermaid skirt that that also makes it fabulous and elegant. I have also ordered this Ever Pretty one in particular because I thought that I could wear both the top and the skirt in so many different combinations that I will post as soon as I have the time to wear and shoot them.

Photoliu was of great help with the beautiful emerald green chair that created an exquisite setting. Would you believe me that this treasure of vintage arm chair was actually at a street corner in Bucharest and I spotted it and took it home? Believe it or not this is what happened (check the before and after photos below).

I fell in love with its design and asked Adrian to help me pick it up and take it home. He said no, because it was too dirty, but I made the disappointed kid face and we came back and took it. I immediately called my friends from that took care of it and turned it in a masterpiece that was ready exactly on my birthday. So I hope that I have convinced you that every piece of furniture needs a chance and it can be turned into a work of art and if you have an old chair don’t hesitate and send a picture of it at and they will make wonders with it.














I was wearing:

Ever Pretty two pieces gown
Borealy tennis bracelet
Steve Madden sandals

Special thanks to Photoliu for my beautiful armchair