Helps me find anything

I know that I have told you that I am clumsy with my phone but what I didn’t tell you is that I can almost never find my keys, this is probably the reason why I get late to meetings sometimes. Now I have found a solution to this problem too, that can actually help me in many other ways with all the stuff that I loose or misplace and it is called Chipolo.

The main feature of Chipolo is that it can help you find your things with the help of your smartphone and also it has a very fashionable design.

I can find my things in few seconds just by ringing the Chipolo, all you need is to activate your Bluetooth feature on your phone and then press the round button on your screen from the Chipolo App.

Also if I lose my phone, I just shake my Chipolo and the phone rings even if it’s on silent. And if my phone gets stolen or I forget it somewhere, I can check the last known location on web application or send a lock-screen message.

It also has a the new and fun feature that helps you take the perfect selfie, using Chipolo as a remote control for my camera.

I was wearing:

Zara pastel pink sweater,more Zara sweaters here
Zara white flared pants, more Zara pants here
Jessica Buurman sandals
Kapten & Son watch
Corto Moltedo bag

Blak bag at the end from Iutta

Fashion accessory by Chipolo