I’ve got you covered


I must admit that I am the clumsiest person I know and although I like taking care of all of my belongings I always have a tendency to destroy my phones. I had my old Iphone’s back broken and one week after I had it fixed I broke it’s front screen. That is probably because I always carry a lot of stuff with me and I am always looking for my phone in the many things I have in my bag.

Since I got my Iphone 6 I’ve said to myself that breaking my phone was not an option and ever since I have started looking for a solution. I have found a 3D Topaz screen protector from Winnergear that covers my whole screen, even the round edges. I have dropped my phone several times now and nothing happened, not even a scratch. I also keep the back protected with a case, but my major problem was the screen. Even if I didn’t brake it all I always managed to scratch it with the keys in my bag or with my earring. Now I have solved this problem with my new screen protector from Winnergear and I am extremely relieved and I can continue being clumsy. :))

For this shoot and this unusually hot autumn day I was wearing a lookalike suede dress from Romwe with cute laser cut details. On top of it a vintage look denim jacket from Choies, Jessica Buurman studded sandals that I got now with a bit of a higher heel and a red bag accessorized with a black and white scarf. My favourite watch from Kapten & Son couldn’t miss and my wallet is from Little Mistress.











I was wearing:

Romwe camel suede blouse
Choies denim jacket
Jessica Buurman studded sandals
Kapten & Son watch
Cmood red bag
Mango scarf
Little Mistress wallet

Iphone 6 with 3D Topaz glass screen protector form Winnergear

Watch a demonstration video here.

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