Palazzo Consiglia


Welcome to Palazzo Consiglia, ‘a home between the walls of culture’ . That’s what their slogan says and it is true. I have always wanted to stay in a typical house from Valletta. The tall ones made of rock and with the traditional Maltese balconies and Palazzo Consiglia showed me how they really look on the inside as well. Everything is really captivating and although they look narrow from outside, they are quite grandiose inside, with large rooms and stairs. I love it that every room has a different design, different furniture, carpets, even wall paintings and different names. We have stayed in the Romatica room and it was indeed romantic and very cozy. The staff amazing, as expected and the rooftop view superb. We have actually caught two beautiful sunsets there, by the pool. I think it’s needless to say that in Valletta the winter is more like an early summer, so if you are in look for an adventure this beginning of 2017, you can book now and stay at Palazzo Consiglia with amazingly low prices for this period.
Also take a look at our short video showing you around every corner of the hotel and let me know if you like it as much as we did.