How to beat stress in traffic

I don’t know if I have told you already but I have my driver’s license for about 8 years and I’ve always been terrified of driving. Don’t get me wrong, I like driving, but alone, on an empty road, not in the city traffic. People got so impatient and aggressive in traffic, that it kind of scared me and this lead to a long pause of 7 years in which I didn’t drive at all. Last summer got some courage and took some driving lessons again, just to get used to driving again before going on the streets again.The first lesson was awful, as I was extremely tense and too focused to even speak to my instructor while I was driving. But from the next one I begun to like it so much, that I was super eager to go again

I’ve discovered also a secret tip that made me more relaxed and took my mind of all of my negative thought that were stressing me so much. My secret is that I chew gum. I know it is so simple and yet so effective. Chewing my Orbit gum just takes my mind of the mistakes I might do and allows me to concentrate to the actual driving and the others around me. Step by step I have started driving more and now I can even speak to the person next to me while driving. :)) That wasn’t possible in the past as I couldn’t even let the radio on as it was bothering me.

So if you are like me, just give my tip a try and tell me if it works. And while you do that you might try this new Orbit Bubblemint flavour that is my absolute fave and I always have it in my bag and car. It is so good and I always arrive fresh at my destination. Also, chewing gum prevents you from falling asleep while driving that can lead to serious accidents. Let me know if you have any other tips that helps you with the stress in traffic because I would love to give them a try.











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