Our engagement story

Got nostalgic these days thinking of the day my husband proposed to me 4 years ago and it feels just like a dream. We were on a beach in the Dominican Republic after eating the most delicious sea food, we went on a walk under the starry sky and he started telling me a bunch of emotional stuff and then got on one knee and proposed. Although I guessed that in that trip he will do this, I was so surprised and nervous and didn’t know how to male that moment last longer. Looking back I us like two little kids, but it wasn’t a rush decision and I think it’s the best one in both of our lives. Personally, my life has totally changed. I wasn’t leaving with my brother and parents no more and I learned that a perfect life is possible. Not to brag or anything, but perfect for myself. We rarely argue and only for stupid reasons and mostly work, beacause we are both perfectionists and we really make the best team in anything. Hope that life could keep us this way forever and really wish anyone to meet their real soulmate, as I did.

On this sentimental note I want to let you know that you and your significant other can win a diamond ring in the most fun way possible. Park Lake has just brought this gigantic ice heart in the middle of the mall and in the middle of it there is a real diamond ring. So guys, if you want to surprise your girlfriend or why not wife, come by and take a guess on the hour this heart might melt. I think it will before the 14th of February and by then there will be one lucky winner. Or if you are an independent, strong woman that doesn’t need a man to give her any ring, come, guess and win it for yourself . In any case, the most close guess will win the ring and other good guesses fun prizes.

Adrian was feeling romantic and took a guess and maybe he could give me a second diamond ring. ?
There’s always a special photo booth here with all these special backgrounds and if you want to have a memory with tour loved one, stop by and strike a pose. The guys here will print it for free of charge.
All in all, waiting for you over here and wishing you all a happy valentine’s day filled with lots of love, like any other day!