Travel hair dryer

That I travel a lot, you know already. My life is basically split into two, quiet days when I am at home and visit my family, eat loads of food and the days when all of my closet and my actual life is packed in a suitcase. The second part you might think it’s a holiday for me, when it’s actually the other way around. When I travel, we have so much to do, so many shootings, full days of filming and almost no time to relax. My hair and makeup has to be always camera ready and this is why I pack a lot of hair and beauty products with me.

If you have natural flawless hair (which is very rare), then you can use the hair dryers from the hotel bathrooms, but I can’t because I need a little more power to dry my whole hair. I always take with me my own drier, hair straightener, curler and brush. All of these mean a lot of wires, all tangled up in my suitcase. So you might understand why I love the Retra-Cord 2000 from Babyliss and had to order it as soon as I saw it on their website. It has a retractable cable and this is very useful while traveling. Also, as I have told you before I cannot dry my hair with hair dryers with low power, so 2000 W for me is like heaven.

Many of you have asked me how do I keep my hair so healthy, shiny and how do I achieve my loose curls and in today’s video tutorial I am showing you how. First of all I dry all of my hair, but just a little, then I start taking small strands of hair, dry them individually and straighten them a bit with the help of a round brush. When the strand is almost dry, I twist a bit the brush creating a loose curl at the end, the I ‘lock’ it into that position by switching the hot air with a cold breeze. This tip will make your curls last longer. The good thing about this dryer is that it has 3 temperature levels, 2 levels of speed and a diffuser that helps you direct the air wherever you want. When you first dry your hair you can use the highest temperature and the fastest speed and then when you start taking smaller strands, switch to a lower temperature and the lower speed, because you don’t want the dryer to blow the hairs out of the brush. Finally you can use the cold air like I’ve said before to make your curls last longer.

Hope my tips can help you achieve that blowout like at the hair salon in the comfort of your own home or in your travels.

I was using for my hair:

Retra-Cord 2000 W from Babyliss
Primark round brush

Location: Jules Suies Malta