Us in Fuerteventura


Four years ago today my babe proposed to me and wanted to make a special post about that and our love today, especially with Valentine’s day approaching. If you ask me if anything has changed since, probably yes, but only for the best. We know each other better and feel like he’s my double or something. Everything I want he wants and I love it that now we also work together everyday. Haven’t been apart for a longer period ever since and it feels great. He is indeed my best friend and now even my ‘mommy’ a lil bit as he always spoils me everyday with breakfast in bed. I don’t say that we are perfect, but we are perfect for each other and I wouldn’t change a thing in our relationship, not even the little argues that we have while we are shooting.

To celebrate in advance Valentine’s Day and our anniversary I got us both Henry London watches with our wedding date engraved on the back and with a special text ‘ To Infinity … & Beyond’ . Time is what we forget about when we are together and this is why I though this was the most inspiring present I could get him and these pieces are something that we could pass on to the next generation, so elegant and special. I chose mine with a rose gold bracelet and a teal blue interior and his has a golden bracelet and a ‘moonphase’ dial that connects time with astrology. I think I will borrow his from time to time. 😛 He got me a beautiful heart shaped box of roses from Royal Rose and two tickets for Fuerteventura, that I was so excited about. But I have to admit that this island has exceeded my expectations and I simply love everything about it. This whole trip to Fuerteventura was unexpected and fun and we’ve filmed it all along. I invite you to check the newest video we’ve shot here in Bucharest at Gargantua and in Fuerteventura in all of it’s nice places.









I was wearing (in the photos):
Shein velvet dress
Jessica Buurman gold sandals, similar here
Henry London rose gold and teal blue watch

Adrian was wearing:
Asos black shirt
Asos waistcoat
Asos black pants
Kurt Geiger desert boots
Henry London gold moonphase watch
Asos sunglasses

Photos and video taken with Canon 5D Mark IV from