Straight or curly?

This month Babyliss Paris has launched two new products that have completely blown my mind away. That I have curly hair, you already know, and those of you who also have curly hair truly understand me and know how difficult it is to tame. I can never curl it properly without straighten it previously. One of these new products is the new straightener 2in1 Pure Metal that can also curl the hair. The perfect tool for my hair.

The straightener has 5 temperature levels, making it perfect for each hair type, from the most sensitive one, to the most resistant. It has also a on/off button and an automatic turn off function, that stops the straightener after one hour of not using it.

In today’s video I want to show you how I did my hair almost ever day in my latest trip to South Spain. First step was to straighten all of my hair with 2in1 Pure Metal from Babyliss Paris that is the fastest way to do it and the diamond ceramic coating makes my hair extremely smooth and shiny.

After I have finished straightening all of my hair, that looks so good, I am putting to test the 2in1 Pure Metal and see how does it curl. The chrome exterior gets warm as well, making the whole process lot more easier. I like curling my hair close to the ends, leaving 2 or 3 centimeters of straight hair, making it look longer this way and the volume is concentrated more in the upper part. This trick is perfect for those of you with thick and heavy hair that has more volume in the lower part.

The second product launched is the new curler, Curl Secret 2 Curl & Volume that has two interchangeable heads that can do 36 types of different curls. Can’t wait to test also this one and to tell you all about it. It is on my spring wishlist, but till then I want to offer you my old Curl Secret. What you need to do is: 1. Subscribe to my Youtube channel, The Mysterious Girl; 2. Like this video on Youtube; 3. Leave me a comment on this video, also on Youtube, telling me which is your favourite Babyliss Paris product. The winner will be picked randomly next month. Good luck, girls!

I was wearing:

Stylestalker black bodysuit from ShopBop (I got size XS)
Jadu ripped and pearled jeans