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When I go shopping I like to dress with the most comfortable pieces of clothing, especially shoes. Since I have had this blog, I must admit that I do most of the shopping online. It got so much easier and if don’t like something I can return it the next day by just calling the delivery guy at my door. So, I somehow lost my patience with the actual shopping and I don’t like looking through piles of clothes in order to find something that I like. This is why I need super comfy shoes when I really need to do that. I love white sneakers, but I already have them in any possible style, flats with platforms, etc. What I didn’t have were some really artsy custom ones and have found these rainbow splash ones at Baron’s Papillom. I have the simple white ones from them and the reason why I was looking for another pair, also from this brand is that they are extremely comfortable and the leather is so soft.

I was wearing:

Ioana Ciolacu white & cactus print tee
Moja gingham skirt
Kapten and Son sunglasses
Levi’s denim jacket
Kurt Geiger blue bag
Baron’s Papillom splash sneakers
Kapten and Son watch

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