Corina’s bachelorette brunch

Few weeks ago we have prepared for our friend Corina a cute little brunch in the nature for her bachelorette party. We usually like to make things more different and a clubbing night wouldn’t have been so fun for us and this so why we thought of organizing something special and simple at the same time, just like her. The hardest part was surprising her and convincing her to come in the morning in the park for no good reason. Luckily I have convinced Adrian to come with us and surprise the moment in a short video and some pictures. After that he left and we could have the traditional no boys time. Hope you like our pictures and some inspo from our little get-together.

Special thanks for the beautiful rose box to Royal Rose Bucharest!



  1. Transmiți tuturor o energie pozitivã prin fiecare postare, pregãtești întotdeauna câte o surprizã minunatã celor din jur și fiecare articol de pe blog este extrem de reușit și util, îmi oferã doza perfectã de inspirație și bucurie atunci când le citesc!Îți doresc mult succes în continuare!Ești uimitoare!

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