In Algarve with Ever Pretty

I know that the wedding season is in full ‘bloom’ and this is why, together with Ever Pretty I want to present you three different long dresses, perfect for a special event.

The first one, the white dress is even appropriate for a bride. Whether you are having a garden party or a beach wedding, this simple, fluid dress is the right choice. The lace detail of the top ads some dimension to the dress, while the bottom part is super light, as a feather.

My second option is this dark red dress, also from Ever Pretty and I think is a sophisticated option for blondes and brunettes as well. I love the mermaid cut and also the off the shoulder action.

The third dress is a great dress for bridesmaids, if you are a bridesmaid this year, you might suggest this one to the bride, as it comes in so many colours, one for each bridesmaid.

On you will find tons of dresses in so many colours, make sure to check them all and I am sure you’ll find the right one for you.

I was wearing:

Ever Pretty white dress
Ever Pretty dark red dress
Ever Pretty blue dress


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