I think I have told you several times that Ever Pretty has the most gorgeous dresses, especially for bridesmaids. If you didn’t believe me before, today I will show you how me and my friends have worn them to a greenery themed wedding. Because they have thousands of dresses in various cuts and colours, we were able to pick the right cut for each of our own body type and a colour that compliments our skin tones.

I love it when the bridesmaids have something in common, in our case was the green colour, but don’t have identical dresses. This way we could all look our best, wearing dresses that represent us and you could still see some unity in our gowns. We went for an ombre effect and this is why Alexandra wore a minty green dress, mine was the actual greenery colour and Catrinel chose the emerald mermaid one.

The bride, Corina, chose also a dress with some green undertones and we have totally blended in the natural background from the venue. So, if you are planning your wedding this year or the next one, you should definitely check Ever Pretty’s shop for some cute bridesmaids dresses. Or if you are the bridesmaid, suggest the bride this amazing shop with hundreds and hundreds of dresses, for each body type, complexion and taste.

I was wearing:

Ever Pretty greenery dress

Catrinel was wearing:

Ever Pretty emerald green dress

Alexandra was wearing:

Ever Pretty minty dress


  1. Among all the people they could have hired for modeling and even though if they did, you would still have been the right fit, seems like these printed dresses were just made for you guys!!

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