White lace by Alisa Pan

The little white dress is as important as a little black dress and the perfect option for summer garden parties. White is one of the purest colours and I love wearing it as often as I can. I loved discovering this new collection of dresses from Alisa Pan and made a video of them while walking the streets and parks in Bucharest. I love how versatile are these items that can be dressed up and down depending on the occasion. I have even worn them on my bike and on a boat on the lake. About that, I have to tell you that I have never paddled before in my life, or at least not without any help, alone in the middle of the lake. That was challenging and I couldn’t feel my arms afterwards. But hey, I got to do a really intense arm workout while having fun and working for the blog. 😛

Hope you enjoy our 4 outfits lookbook and also the fun video. Also hope it inspires you to wear more white and go out and enjoy the last summer days, cuz ‘winter is coming’!:))

I was wearing:

Ist look:

Alisa Pan dress found on AliExpress

IInd look:

Alisa Pan dress found on AliExpress

IIrd look:

Alisa Pan top found on AliExpress

IVth look:

Alisa Pan dress found on AliExpress


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