Furry sandals

Told you that this fall is all about unique accessories and I cannot say that without showing you some pieces from the latest bag and shoes collection from Anna Cori. Many of you asked me about these amazing sandals on my Instastories and now I can show them to you better and also how I have matched them. I cannot give up sandals just yet and there are so many sunny days during this season that I had to upgrade my wardrobe with these burgundy furry sandals from Anna Cori.

Also, I have told you that I have a thing for berets and this one is an old one I had in my closet and rarely wore it, but as they are so in this season I took it out to the sunlight. They are called newspaper boy caps and it inspired me to wear this bag from Anna Cori along with it, as it has that newspaper bag shape, but a lot more fancier in a patent beige leather with a croc finish. And to complete my brand new and cool accessories I chose a patched t-shit and a green bodycone skirt for a bit of a contrast.

I was wearing:

Asos patch t-shirt
My Bandage Dress green skirt
Anna Cori beige croc bag
Anna Cori furry burgundy sandals
Asos newspaper boy cap