Palazzo Victoria

I have already told you that Verona is a magical place and that I would move there on Monday if I had the opportunity. Every corner is so romantic and mysterious that you feel like you are not a simple tourist, but the main character in a love novel.

Our home for two days in this wonderful city was Palazzo Victoria that contributed to our beautiful story from Verona. Loved how they have combined the modern designs with the vintage ones and the interior garden was my favourite place. I could stay in there for hour sipping on cocktails, that were delicious, by the way. The whole staff was extremely kind and made our short stay there a dream. Our room was cozy but elegant at the same time and they have such an amazing room perfume that I had to ask the name (it’s Vranjes, if you want to search for it). The breakfast was also super yum and they have a lot of cookies and fruits, my favourite for breakfast.

So, if you haven’t been to Verona already, you definitely must go. Grab your loved one, book a flight ticked and while you’re there you must stay at Palazzo Victoria which will make your gateway an unforgettable one.

For this shooting I was wearing a gorgeous dark red velvet dress from Ever Pretty and I cannot wait to show you also the video we have filmed in this amazing place. Stay tuned!

I was wearing:

Ever Pretty dark red velvet dress

Thank you for the lovely stay, Palazzo Victoria!