Put everything on hold for Tesori D’Oriente

Everything must look perfect from my travel pictures, but what you don’t see on Instagram or on my blog posts is the immensity of work behind them and the hours spent on post production. Many e-mails, writing posts, editing pictures and videos, all that can be pretty exhausting at times. I have learned to take a break whenever I feel that I am too tired, because inspiration never comes in those moments.

I have developed a ritual that helps me de-stress each and every time and after that I can continue work recharged with fresh new ideas. On our latest trip I have had such a moment and while answering e-mails, felt that I cannot be productive anymore, so I had to put everything on hold and decided to spoil myself with a relaxing bath with rose petals, champagne and of course with the enchanting Tessori D’Oriente scents. What I usually like to do is combine their different smells and products and actually get ‘drunk’ with all of the mysterious scents. As a shower cream and bath cream I am obsessed at the moment with Byzantium that smalls extremely elegant and it makes me think of Turkey and their luxurious architecture. It is a mixture of black rose, cinnamon, almonds and mimosa flowers, making it perfect for a relaxing fall day.

After a glass of champagne, a warm rose petal bath and the delight brought by Tesori D’Oriente Byzatium collection, I like to continue with the pampering and I use on my whole body their Aegyptus cream. This surrounds me with an intriguing scent with floral accents and notes of spices and oriental woods. This body cream contains Papyrus extract with nutritive and moisturizing properties, that softens the skin, making it velvety.

As for the final moment of relaxation I like indulging some quiet moments on the balcony or at the window whilst applying my perfume from the Tesori D’Oriente, Japanese Rituals gamma that has an intense floral scent mixed with some fresh, delicate notes. As peonies are my favouriteflowers, I am not surprised why this perfume is one of my favourites as it contains some notes of this amazing flower ingeniously mixed with sweet olive, bergamot and also freesia. What is super unexpected in this combination is the touch of underlined notes of woody patchouli, cedar and musk.

Hope you can learn from my experience and every time you feel that are on the verge of quitting, just stop, take a breath, relax and prepare yourself the most amazing scented bath and you’ll see how after this you’ll feel totally refreshed and ready to start again. It is important to know when to take a break in order to keep you going.

Enjoy your break and take a look at my new video !

Special thanks for the amazing location to Grand Hotel des Sablettes Plage