French Riviera Fairytale

I have never imagined that I could look and feel like the princess I always wanted to be when I was little. It may sound superficial, but it is amazing how a beautiful dress can make us women feel. I always feel like I’m living a fairytale whenever I shoot and film Oana Nutu‘s dresses and this new bridal collection is my favourite till now. The only regret I have is not knowing about her before my wedding. Would have loved to wear one of  creations on our big day.

I was absolutely mesmerized by this nude dress from the moment I saw Oana Nutu‘s picture from her showroom with it on a mannequin and knew that I had to wear it in a special place. Luckily we have found this gorgeous park in Nice that not many know about and it was completely empty of tourists. Before we got to the location everyone on the streets were congratulating me, us for the wedding. It was super fun and this got us even in a better mood. As I was walking through the alleys of this park in this  dreamy dress I couldn’t help but think how extremely fortunate I am for being able to work with such talented people such as Oana Nutu and being able to contribute to the final view of her bridal campaign. I always love when our collaborators trust us and leave us to choosing the way we go with the shootings and videos. And I feel that this post matches perfectly the delicacy of the dresses created by Oana.

The second dress shot was this butterfly fairy one that we thought that it would look perfect on the romantic streets of Saint-Paul-de-Vence. I love the details on this one and once again I felt like a little fairy at sunset in this amazing citadel. The pink undertones of this dress made it even sweeter and I felt that its playfulness matched these streets filled with flowers and ivy hanging from the walls.

Watch the video below and don’t forget to check Oana Nutu’s full bridal collection if you are going to be a bride next year, but also if you are just invited to a wedding there are so many beautiful dresses to choose from.