A moment of relaxation

It is very important to me to start the week fully relaxed, ready to work with the best mood and fully recharged. This is why I often take half a day to myself, even during our trips, to take a long hot bath, indulge with a special scent and drink a cup of delicious tea. I have loved matcha ever since I’ve tasted a matcha latte few years ago and love drinking it to this day and have a moment of relaxtion. It has so many antioxidants and properties, that is not only delicious, but also super healthy.

The people behind Tesori D’Oriente already knew that and this is why they have created this special line with Matcha Green Tea, that is perfect for relaxation. The Japanese have mastered this technique ever since antiquity and they have always known which are the best ways to meditate and relax. In our busy days and with a chaotic schedule it is always super difficult to do that and this is why I take advantage of every little activity like taking a shower to use the best products for myself that also help me relax.

Before leaving to our latest trip to Santorini I have received this Tesori D’Oriente Matcha Green Tea set to test and I was super happy that I have packed both the shower gel and perfume with me, because now I am super obsessed and in love with their smell. The shower gel leaves my skin so smooth and also invigorated and it is perfect for one of these days when you feel like doing nothing. It really makes me wake up and start the day more motivated. The perfume is super fresh and also has some spicy flavours, that add mystery to it.

Thank you for the amazing location, Ayama Hideaway Villa!