Calm Collection

Two years ago we’ve been to Santorini to the San Marino Suites and were surprised to see how much this place has changed and evolved. It has changed its name to Calm Collection and has many hotels under this name. First there were the Evgenia Villas, the first hotel built by the parents of George Katsipis, then he took over the family business and in few years transformed it into a hotel chain with 4 hotels under its umbrella and still growing. We’ve stayed this time in almost all of them and we really were amazed of how amazing they all looked. George is really a great business man that also knows how to take care of his guests and he is eager to help around with any small issue you might have.

The Evgenia Villas & Suites is the best place to stay if you are traveling with your family and you are a bit on a budget, The price is super affordable and the place looks amazingly clean, white and calm.:P We’ve stayed there for the first nights and it felt incredible. Our room had access to the pool area, a very nice terrace where we’ve spent most of our evenings, the bathroom looked great and so was the room, both built in the same cycladic style.

Then we’ve moved to San Marino Suites, where we’ve stayed also two years ago. The place looked so much better, the trees and flowers have grown so much and everything looked harmonious.The yard has now a little fountain with a beautiful bougainvillea next to it, a lovely pine tree next to the ocean view,the fluffy sunbeds and of course the room with a view to all of that. Its design is so modern and resort like, that you get that calming sensation the minute you step in. Again George did a great job with these suites and he was so involved in everything,from building it to choosing every little design detail.

Next we’ve been to Ayama Hideway Villa that is a private villa at about one kilometer from this location. This is a really new place that has been open only since this summer. The moment we’ve stepped in on that beautiful wood door you could see paradise. This one bedroom villa is perfect for your honeymoon. Extremely romantic, luxurios and with great design, you could spend a heavenly week here and never get bored. It has two bathrooms  and one big living room, a private pool with a nice swing on the porch. The terrace is my favourite area. The design is simply amazing combing the cycladic shaped with hard massive wood. It is really a delight to spend even few hours on this property. You can see from the pictures that I’m not exaggerating and that this place is pure bliss.

Over all I think any of the hotels that you choose, depending on your needs, from the Calm Collection, it will please you. The most amazing ingredient is love and family, George and his family have turned this place from a big hotel chain in a home for all the tourists that step in and this is the difference from Calm Collection and most hotels all over the world.

George Katsipis, the owner of calm collection