French chic

This past week I have shown you more French inspired outfits along with my eclairs and coffee from Paul and today I want to share more details, here on the blog. Paul celebrates 10 years of existence in Romania and has challenged me to share with you my memories with what was I doing 10 years ago. I’ve told you on stories that 10 years ago I was attending my first courses at the University and was meeting some new friends that are now friends for life. It was a beautiful period in my life and it was great remembering all of those beautiful moments.

With this opportunity I have created three different outfits inspired by the French style and by the delicious flavour of Paul‘s eclairs. First one is a little extravagant with these amazing skirt by Oana Nutu that wears my name. It is called Larisa and I simply adore it and know that every time I would wear it, heads will turn. I wore it with a simple white tee and black shorts under, just to make it a little more urban chic.

The second look is a basic chic white suit, really my style to which I have added a red vintage scarf as a drop of colour.

Third outfit is a casual chic one with polka dots shirt, black classy pants, a beige long trench and a beige beret. Chic and French!<3

With all of these outfits I wanted to introduce you to the delicate French lifestyle and inspire you to go and have a fancy breakfast at Paul’s, at least once a week. Especiallynow that they now have this special offer where you buy one eclair and a coffee at a special price. The anniversary offer is available till the 23rd of December and they also have some more surprise prizes where you can win a trip to Paris. So, you better check out this link for deets.

I was wearing:

Ist outfit:

Na-kd basic white tee
Asos black shorts
Oana Nutu tulle skirt
Kurt Geiger red lace stilettos

IInd outfit:
Reserved white blazer
Nissa white flared pants
Vintage red scarf
Raye white boots from Revolve

IIIrd outfit:
Na-kd polka dot shirt
Zara black pants
Na-kd beige trench coat
Asos beige berret
Kurt Geiger black suede stilettos