The Pasta World Championship

I want to write this article while the memories and flavours are still fresh in my mind. I’ve just returned from Milan where I have attended the Pasta World Championship, hosted by Barilla and now it all feels like a dream. It was more than a beautiful experience and I cannot even explain it in words. But I’ll try 😛

First of all, I think you already all know that my love for pasta has no comparison. I could eat any sort of pasta every day and still wouldn’t get bored. And since I am a big pasta lover, I have tried any possible brand out there and they all have something I can complain about. They get too soft, too gummy, they stick together, they taste funny and so on. But not Barilla. Really ! Have you ever boiled some Barilla pasta that got stuck to your pan? Cause I haven’t. They are simply the best and my favourite are the Barilla Spaghetti Whole Grain.

Considering how much I love pasta and Barilla, imagine the joy when I got an invitation from them to the annual Pasta World Championship. I was more than happy to say that I will attend and even more happy to hear that we have also a Romanian chef competing. There were two days filled with pasta, beautiful, fun people and it is now one of the best memories that I have.

Day one was super intense as all the 16 chefs dueled and only one from each couple could qualify to the semifinals. This amazing day ended with a Blue Dinner Party at Fondazione Prada where everyone wore something blue. I loved the fact that my dress designed especially for this occasion by Oana Nutu was in the exact same colour as the Barilla Box.

The second day of Barilla Pasta World Championship started and ended with pasta, of course. This day was a bit more special because all the remaining contestants had to cook pasta with ingredients picked by the jury, so this meant they’ve had to improvise and be super creative. Out of the 5 remained contestants, the jury then elected only two finalists , Carolina Diaz (USA) and Toby Wang (China). They both had to cook the same simple recipe Spaghetti al pomodoro with the same ingredients. Carolina Diaz won the big title. I think her special ingredient was the parmesan, as Toby didn’t use any 😛

It was a beautiful event filled with love, because pasta means love and excitement. At the end we’ve all enjoyed a glass of champagne and some more pasta, accompanied with great music. If you want to see more insights from the competition, I have a dedicated highlight on my Instagram page with all the stories I’ve filmed at this amazing event.

Another thing that I loved besides from the good food was the company. I’ve met so many beautiful people during this event and I really hope I’ll get to see them again, maybe next year too at Barilla Pasta World Championship.