Romantic City Girl

Traveling so much and being on the go all of the time it’s amazing for my spirit that is used to adventure, but no so great for my skin. I don’t have a lot of time to take care of it and it tends to get super dehydrated from the air conditioning and the climate changes from different places. Also the urban pollution, a lot of car emissions pile up on my skin, filling my pores that results into blemishes. It is really important for me to be camera ready all the time, because most of my life is spent in the public eye. Also, the fact that I wear make-up almost daily, clogs the pores as well if I don’t clean them well. I love my busy city girl life, the longs walks through parks, traffic jams in taxis while it rains, going out with friends fora glass of wine, but that has negative effects on my skin sometimes.

This is why I am always in search of the the best creams, micellar water and solutions to clean my face of make up and other pollution residues. In my search, I have stumbled across the elmiplant DETOX products that say they do all the things I need, also being inspired from nature with extract of a 100% natural charcoal. I have started using them while I was in Aruba and Curaçao where you might think they don’t have pollution, but those capital cities are extremely crowded and surrounded by factories, and now after more than one month of using them, I can tell you my honest opinion.

The truth is that I love them! It is really difficult to find almost natural products for the skin and the last thing I want to apply on my face is chemicals, after inhaling a lot of them in the crazy city life. For cleaning my face after a full day, I use the micellar water that gets rid of any residue might have remained and acts like a magnet attracting all the dirt into the cotton pad. Then, I use the charcoal cleaning gel, that it’s black and has no soap, so it doesn’t dry out the skin while cleaning it. I love these products’ fresh and natural smell, the light texture of the creams. I use both the day and the night one religiously ever since I’ve first tested them and they really hydrate a lot, making my foundation glide on so smooth. The spots on my skin have almost disappeared.

So in the end, it’s a YES from me for elmiplant DETOX and I totally recommend it to you, especially for those that have a busy active life in the middle of the city. It is a great way to relax every evening after a busy day while also taking care of your skin. Even though you apply make up everyday and you think taking care of your skin is not that important as you will cover it anyways, remember that a beautiful make up goes only on a radiant skin.

I also took the quiz from the elmiplant website and found out that I’m a Romantic #CityGirl. Not such a big surprise, really! 😛 What type of city girl are you? Fill out the quiz and you can win multiple elmiplant products or a trip to Milan, one of the big capitals of fashion.

I was wearing:
LPA white dress from Revolve
Jessica Buurman sandals

Location: BijBlaw Curaçao