3 dresses in Rome

In our latest trip, after we came back from Sicily we’ve had an extra day in Rome and it was also the day off of my mother on law, so we went with her to the city center to shoot pictures for these Ever Pretty dresses. It was the funniest thing ever to watch her carry my dresses around and see her trying to tell people nicely to get out of our background on the crowded streets of Rome. :)) Also, I think this was the first time we had to shoot after noon in Rome, because usually we would wake up really early in order for the streets to be empty and it was actually a nice feeling seeing all Asian girls stopping and taking pictures of me and the dresses and also Italians calling ‘bella’ each time I flipped my dress.:P

You will find these gorgeous dresses from Ever Pretty linked at the end of the post.<3

I was wearing:
Ever Pretty dark red dress with lace embellishments
Ever Pretty blue velvet and sequined dress
Ever Pretty tulle dark red dress