For Ever Pretty Lavender

Sometimes when you want to be fair and not disturb anybody, that is when you attract most negativity. Don’t know why, but this is the way it is. Because I am always considerate and think about other people’s feeling or work and I never want to disturb, that is why I have brought a bouquet of lavender in the fields with me. Because I like to think about everything ( and that is a bit too consuming ), I was also thinking that if I pick lavender and every person that is taking pictures there, the fiels would be empthy within days and maybe they want to harvest it afterwards and also maybe some other people couldn’t take pictures if the field is uneven. As there thoughts came throgh my mind I decided to carry this bouquets of lavender in the car and take pictures with it every day. I usually don’t like to brag about these things and just do them, but when someone searches for the hashtag lavender fields on Instagram just to find people doing one wrong step and picking it directly from the fields just to send men comment afterwards, you have to fight back. Especially when you know you did everything possible not to disturb anybody. My point is that you can be mean for no reason and then not even see what the other person has to say, but that means you are very narrow minded and that will do you no good. If you start with a negative perfection and with negative words, you cannot expect a positive and kind result.

That being said, I have to present you my new outfit, matched with the same lavender bouquet not picked from these fields. I was wearing this gorgeous Ever Pretty minty dress that is made from a very soft tulle and makes you feel like Tinkerbel wandering around the lavender and the bees. The cleavage cut is super beautiful and feminine. I wore it for a more casual, summery look with this straw hat and a straw bag, but you can totally wear it to a wedding with a pair of golden sandals.