Villa Schuler Taormina

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‘Heaven is a place on Earth’. I think this saying was came up to someone that was visiting or living in Italy. That is how I felt with every step I took whilst walking around the amazing gardens from Villa Schuler in Taormina.

This November we’ve planned a trip to Sicily to escape winter and found an amazing (almost Summer) weather. We chose this amazing villa as it has one of the most scenic views around the coast to Etna and the sea and every morning for breakfast we would admire the surroundings that looked like a painting.

Our room was at the third floor and we’ve had a lovely terrace with two sun beds and we even got to enjoy some sun baths during this time of the year which was amazing. The staff was extremely nice & helping and it made our stay truly incredible.

The hotel will be re-opened on March 18, so if you want to book a beautiful and relaxing stay in Taormina, I really recommend it. Cannot wait to come back maybe in spring!