The big day


Hey lovely readers!

I’ve promised you a post about our mini wedding and here it is. It happened last Saturday on the 21 st, when it was still sunny and nice outsite and we got lucky cuz it only started to rain after we had finished. Again,I would like to mention that this wasn’t the big wedding. We just signed the legal paper according to which we are now husband and wife but the religious ceremony and the big party are planned for next year.

It was a nice and peaceful day and we weren’t nervous until we enetered that room,and evetything was becoming real and official. But aparently we were the least nervous of the crowd, as everyone else was and almost all of them were crying. It was really tounching to see our family and some of our friends being so excited for us and I really want to thank all of them for that.

For this special day I was wearing my own design, of course, a Hush Hush dress made out of silverish Chantilly Lace that I’ve ordered the week before from France. My bouquet was made out of small little roses tied with a ribbon that matched my dress. Adi was wearing a white blazer, with navy pants and a Zara bow tie I gave him especially for this ocasion.

We received a lot of house gifts to enjoy in the new life we are starting together. Below I also posted a small part of the flowers I received. It really was a perfect day and we couldn’t expect more. A big thanks to all of you that congratulated us. It is really touching to see all of you being hapy for our happiness.








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I was wearing:
Hush Hush Chantilly lace dress
Guess beige heels
Alexander McQueen look alike clutch I got from Melli Melo
Dior Oui ring & Engagement ring & customised heart ring