Kiss Fm party


Last night we went at Kiss Fm’s anniversary party. They are now 10 and they wanted to celebrate with us in a unique and original way by taking us to a trip in the air. The event took place at The Press House Ballroom and they arranged everything to look like an airport, with gates from 2003 to 2013, with stewardesses and all. They have also organised a concert with music from 2003 to nowadays and it was fun to remember all the songs that were popular years ago.

For my outfit I chose a midi black dress with which you can never go whrong. Regarding the shoes, I couldn’t decide which pair to chose, black or red and I took your advice and went with the red ones.

My hair was beautifully arranged by Liza from Hair Wellness and More and I chose a side braid with loose curls.

Hope you guys liked it!

Have a happy Friday!









I was wearing:

Asos dress and quilted bag
Mica Moda necklace worn as a belt
Chopard watch
YSL tribute two pumps
Dior oui ring
Engagement & customised heart ring