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Hello guys! Today I want to show you a more intimate post and describe to you one of my perfect mornings from when I was in London. I mostly post my daily outfits on this blog and I thought that I could try and show you a more personal side of my life.

I don’t know about you, but I feel the need of wearing delicate fabrics on my skin when I go to sleep or when I just feel like staying home all day and relax. London Fashion Week has been a total rush and really exhausting and this is why I needed something relaxing before going to the shows and in the evening when I got to our apartment there.

Not long ago I have discovered Blushandmai, a new loungewear and lingerie brand and at from which I first loved the name and then their description ‘underneath that counts’ , so thought I have to try it.

The first time I wore it was in London and I must say that it’s silky fabric made me wake up feeling more relaxed and gave me that boost I needed to start my day. I took my lace robe on and got ready for a new fabulous day. Now I got a bit addicted with Blushandmai, that it’s a bit like coffee and I always start and end my day wearing some delicate item from their collection.

What do you like to wear at home or when you go to sleep?














I was wearing:

Blushandmai silk top
Blushandmai robe

For orders you can send an e-mail at or contact the designer Roxana Nitu

Photos taken with Canon 6D and Sigma 85 mm f1.4 lenses


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