Night skin care


Traveling a lot has also it’s downs. I am always on the run, super busy and I tend to neglect what I eat and the so needed care to my skin during these exhausting days. It is not always just fun and laughs in my travels, but also a lot of hard work, make up and hair takes me a lot of time, the shootings as well and not just once it just happened to me to be ready to shoot after hours of preparation and the weather to prevent us from doing so. All the stress and also the unhealthy food that I eat sometimes when I don’t have the time to cook a proper meal makes me break out. That is inadmissible for me because you know I always have to look flawless in my photos and videos that I share with you here, on my blog. This is why at evening when I am done with all the work I try to take care of my skin and have some ‘me time’. The solution for a perfect complexion is quite simple, always remove your make up before sleep. I think I have never slept with make up on. I always wash my face and after that I use also a make up remover to reach for the areas I may have misses with the cleaning gel or soap and the cotton balls tell me when my skin is clean enough.

Once my skin is all clean it is time for some relaxation and a mask. Not just any mask, but Skin Correction from Fereto that is so helpful with smoothing out the skin and erasing any stains or old scars from pimples. It just makes the whole skin glow and renew itself. I apply it with a brush and rinse it after 5 minutes with warm water. You can observe your skin getting healthier and more glowy after few days. After using the mask I use a night serum Cellular Regenerating Night Serum also from Fereto that deeply hydrates my skin after a rough day of wearing heavy makeup. I also apply it on my neck and cleavage because those areas need attention too. My skin looks so radiant and ready for a new busy day after using these miraculous products. I have seen women that are under 30 with really deep wrinkles and this might be hereditary, but I think some really simple skin care routines can change the look of our skin by making it look healthier and delaying a bit the appearance of those fine or not that fine lines.




















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Fereto night skin care kit

Location: San Domenico Palace Taormina