Tezyo in Gibtraltar

Last fall at the Fashion Weeks they’ve presented the latest trends in fashion for the spring-summer 2017 season and I was there at some of the fashion shows to see them just before they were launched in stores. Among the oversized sleeves, fringes and deep slits I have noticed some trends that were really my type. Lots of pink, from the pale or pastel pink, to the deeper fuchsia one and sports gear, worn on the streets.

Keeping those trends in mind, I have thought of introducing them to my daily and travel outfits and two days ago, when I was in Gibraltar, I wore a combination of colours that wasn’t really ‘allowed’ till now and I have combined burgundy with soft dusty pink. Also, I have a new thing for sporty shoes and I think you will be seeing me wear my new Calvin Kleins from Tezyo a lot from now on.

Tezyo is a concept store by Otter Distribution that gathers a lot of shoe and bag brands and it has 12 stores in Romania. You can find them in Bucharest in Promenada Mall, Afi Palace, Baneasa Shopping City or ParkLake and in other cities such as Constanta, Cluj, Baia Mare, Brasov, Timisoara and Galati, but you can also order them online.

The newest brand addition to Tezyo‘s list is Calvin Klein and as I have entered their shop in Promenada before our departure, my eyes were drawn by this pair and I couldn’t leave without having them. If you check my Instagram page, and mostly my Instastories, you will see all the other pairs they have from CK and not only. Adrian has also found a pair that he likes and as soon as we come back to Romania, we will go and take them because he cannot stop talking about them. So guys, they have also men shoes. 😛

The look I wore in Gibraltar was a super simple and basic one, leaving my new Calvin Kleins take all the shine and I wore them with a white tee, mom’s jeans and this velvet Shein bomber jacket on my shoulders.

I was wearing:

Calvin Klein pink sneakers from Tezyo
Shein burgundy velvet bomber jacket
Asos white tee
Shein mom’s jeans
Shein transparent lens glasses

Special thanks to Sixt, Rent a Car for taking us around Gibraltar