One afternoon in Malmo

At the end of the week spent in Denmark we were curious about Malmo as all Pinterest posts about Copenhagen included some tips about a day spent in Malmo. So we’ve booked 2 bus tickets and went to see how this little town looks like. We arrived just in time for women’s day march and there was a festival atmosphere on the streets. We ate in the center and watched the trucks full of girls singing and dancing.

I was wearing what I had left clean in my luggage, meaning a white top, black skinny jeans and my new flower embroidery leather jacket that I have ordered from ShopBop and you can get it at a special price with 25% off by using the code ‘SCORE17’. Today is the last day of this sale on sale offer, that applies on all items, no matter the brand or if they are already on sale. Make sure you take advantage of it!

I was wearing:

Blank Denim leather jacket from ShopBop
Zara white top from
DSTLD black skinny jeans
Jessica Buurman studded boots