Road trip

Our trips became lot more fun and more interesting since we’ve started renting cars everywhere we go. At the beginning we thought that a good trip means that you fly somewhere and stay in that exact place for one week. Now that we’ve discovered the Autoclick Rent a Car system we cannot get enough of road trips and in each holiday we get to go to a different place everyday. This way you can experience more and double the fun from a single trip.

A week ago we had an amazing escape to Sighisoara and the lovely villages around it. Of course that we drove there and the road was so beautiful. We’ve entered the mountains and saw a lot of beatiful landscaped and citadel cities. In case you didn’t know Autoclick has offices also at the entrance in Bucharest, more exactly in Otopeni, really close to the airport. So, if you are planning to book a flight to Romania, which I advise you to, you can rent the car online and they will pick you right from the airport and take you to their location. From there you’ll leave with your car and can enjoy the road.

Visit Romania!

Thank you, Autoclick for the sweet ride!