Visit Romania: Sighisoara

I am very ashamed of this, but I have visited not even 5% of my beautiful country. Traveling has always been my passion and I have seen more places from all over the world than from Romania. Don’t know what convinced us, but this year we are determined to see more and more, so that when someone asks us what to see in Romania we could give a more complex answer, that just what to see in Bucharest or at the sea side.

Our first stop from this new adventure was in Sighisoara, a city that has completely stolen my heart. Haven’t been there before and it completely blew my mind away. Everything is so beautiful that I kind of had tears in my eyes thinking this is part of Romania. We have stayed at Dominic Boutique on Tamplarilor Street that is located in the second oldest house in Sighisoara. The place is amazing and so cozy, filled with Romanian old furniture that the owner has collected over the years. Every corner seems to tell a story and you’d think that such old stuff are not useful anymore, but I was amazed how an old wooden bowl is now a very practical kitchen sink. The place has one bedroom, a kitchen, bathroom and a lobby with a extendible couch and it can easily host from 2 to 4 people. Loved that from the bedroom you can enter a secret cellar, that kind of leads you to the mystic atmosphere of the medieval Sighisoara.

This street, the street of the Carpenters is the most colorful and it reminds me of Burano Island from Venice, but without the channels and a bit more medieval. The city center was one step away from Dominic Boutique and there you could see the Clock Tower and the house where Dracula was born. I also love the wooden stairs that led to the church from the hill and also the great cemetery behind it. Although a cemetery should be something spooky, everything there looked so calm and peaceful, that I wanted to have a book with me to stay on a bench there and read it. The leaves just started to fall out from the trees, so everything was so idyllic and romantic.

If you are planning to visit Romania, I think Sighisoara is the right place to start with, especially during this time of the year. I love that every year and season I fall in love with a different place and I am glad that this time I am so hooked up with our beautiful country, especially during the ‘so rich’ autumn.

And since fall has taken over the summer already, I am starting to add a little cardigan over my cami top and wear long pants again. This outfit I wore one morning in Sighisoara is so simple and basic how I like them and I have a new beige sweater from Chicwish, that is just perfect for the weather outside, not too thick, but light and super cute and feminine. Watch the video below to see more beautiful places from Sighisoara and my outfit in motion.

Visit Romania!

Thank you, Autoclick for the sweet ride!