Londa Drops of Future

Two days ago I was invited to a really cool and fun event, organized by Londa Professional where I have learned all the new trends regarding hair cuts and colour for this fall winter season and also for the 2018. If you are following me on Instagram, you probably saw a lot of what happened there. If you’ve missed that, I will make it short for you and tell you that the brand ambassador Costantino de Tommaso presented us the strobbing effect, that is a technique borrowed from the make-up area and it that brings light to the face by lighting up the strands of hair surrounding it. I saw various ways of doing that, even in an asymmetrical way. The major point of this workshop event was that the best hair cut and colour for this season is the one that matches you. Even the strobbing has to match your hair cut, that has to match the shape of your face.

I have also seen a lot of braids, Bogdan Mirica has showed us how he got inspired by the Romanian national costume and made some really amazing hair styles, super modern, but yet traditional, showing us the ‘Evolution’ of time.

I have had a lot of fun and for me it was the first time participating at an event of this type and everything was so fascinating to me. I am really interested in what type of products make my hair look better, stronger and healthier and was soaking up all the information I could get. Also, everyone needs now and then a bit of inspiration and will most definitely try and recreate some of the hairstyles presented.

In the end I got a goodie bag that I was so eager to try, that I have washed my hair last night, not because I had to, but because I wanted to test the new Londa Professional products out. I got a shampoo, conditioner and hair oil from the newest Londa Professional range, Velvet Oil. You can see the result in the pictures. It revived my damaged hair and brought out all the natural oils at the surface making it so shiny. I have felt a change right after applying the shampoo. My hair got softer and I didn’t feel any tangles while I was washing it. Then the conditioner made it even smoother and before I drying it, I have applied the hair oil that acted as a heat protector, as well. After I have blow dried it, my hair looked super shiny and strong. I have used a bit of the oil afterwards, as well and this is the result.

A lot of you ask me about my hair and I totally recommend you try out these new Londa Professional Velvet Oil products as they will change your hair right from the first use. I will keep you updated on Instastories the next weeks and let you know the long term results.