First signs of winter

The holidays and the problems afterwards have really complicated my life that I wasn’t able to post for the longest period since I have first started my blog. I’m so sorry about that and I have really missed interacting with you and showing you my daily looks. I promise that I will get back on track quickly and I didn’t even care about the freezing weather yesterday and I went out and shot this look for you.

I was wearing a super thick checked coat from Chicwish that has helped me face the drizzly weather outside. Love the colours of this jacket and its cool cut and details. It is a statement and this is why I have let it shine and matched it with simple blue mom jeans and a white sweater, also from Chicwish. Since the town is still filled with Christmas decorations, I have decided to complete the look with red boots and quilted bag and start enjoying this late winter. What are you guys wearing today?

I was wearing:
Chicwish checked coat
Checkwish white sweater
Asos momjeans
TRDMK red boots from Shopbop


  1. Bon, don’t get me wrong, but when i see you with that coat one … don’t get me wrong … i have a cuddle feeling. That coat, looks soft warm cosy plaid.

    I watched the site, of Chicwish. You look, a lot, better with it … than the model of the add. She, looks boring with it. You, give it a flair, you make it shine !!!

    And like before still love/like the shoes … thumbs up !!!

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