Fes el Bali

This place has been on my bucket list ever since I got my first computer. You know those pictures that came along with Windows 1999 or something like this, that always showed up on the desktop. Well one of them was with the tanneries from Fes and I always thought that something like this couldn’t exist in real life. It looked so surreal and beautiful that I always thought it was Photoshoped. Well, it wasn’t and this month I have visited this amazing city and its tanneries. It is really incredible how they have built these perfect shapes near the river to colour the leather and other fabrics. It is really a show to see them from above and I was really happy to have checked this place off my bucket list.

It was a great sunny day after days of rain in the North of Morocco and we got to enjoy the vibe of the city. The streets were like a maze and you have to walk a lot in the Medina of Fes and this is why I chose some really comfy and cool sneakers from Anna Cori. I totally love them for their cool shape and design and for that leopard print touch. I have matched them with an orange leather clutch bag, also from Anna Cori. This bag is super cool to wear on a daily basis and I really like the hand strap that is so actual and fresh. It also has a long strap that allows you to have both hands free, but for my look that day I really thought the short strap looked cooler.


I was wearing:
NA-KD vintage look leather jacket
Blends of Love silk dress
Asos white t-shirt
Anna Corri black and leopard sneakers
Anna Cori orange clutch bag
RayBan sunglasses