I have already told you that Tangier was our first stop during this Moroccan trip and it really was amazing. We got to see all the differences between the North side and the South, where Marrakech is. This side is more similar to the European continent, the vegetation is greener, it rains much more and almost all the people in here know Spanish. They address themselves in Spanish to all the tourists, not in French like in the rest of the country.

Loved that the city was mostly painted in white and blue and so I decided to match with it, in the lovely navy and white embroidery top I got from Chicwish. The embroidery pattern looks very traditional and the peplum cut makes it extra special, so I decided to wear it with simple wide leg white jeans, a straw hat and studded sandals. Hope you enjoy Tangier, as seen through our lenses and also see how cute is the little Moroccan fellow that was so captivated with Adrian’s gear, that he wouldn’t leave until we got a shot with him. <3

I was wearing:

Chicwish navy and white embroidery top
Asos straw hat
Asos white jeans
Jessica Buurman studded sandals, similar here