I believe it’s safe to say that I have never seen in my life so many flowers together as I saw in Holland. These tulip fields are so enchanting, that not only me, but Adrian also, exclaimed WOOOW! when we first saw them from the car. Wish we had a better weather and see them in the sun, but nevertheless they looked amazing and everything smelled super fresh in Lisse. We didn’t do to Keukenhof, because we didn’t want to see the tulips planted in squares with lots of tourists in the background and we stopped just before arriving to the gardens, in Lisse on the fields.

I was wearing this gorgeous gingham dress from Chicwish that screams ‘picnic time’ and shot some pictures in the breathtaking rainbow coloured background. I wore my dress with sneakers and this way I could easily run through the fields.

Also, told you that my Chanel bag goes with everything and it is the only bag I have brought with me to Holland and I will be wearing it with all of my future outfits from there. If you are planning to invest in one bag that never goes out of fashion, Chanel is the one and you can find really gorgeous vintage ones on Shopbop.

I was wearing:
Chicwish gingham dress
Asos hat
Chanel bag from Shopbop