Tulip fields

I cannot believe I can finally show you this dreamy location that has been on my bucket list for so long. You will hear this from me a lot this year, because we have planned so many beautiful trips, but Holland and the tulip fields have been on the top of the list since forever. They look so incredible, that you need to rub your eyes and make sure they are real. The moment I saw few the fields from the airplane window I squeaked in a little scream of joy.

We got to Amsterdam at about 12 o’clock, rented a car, checked in, put on some make up and then went straight to the fields in Lisse. I was so amazed by their beauty that I never wanted to leave. It was windy and the sound the petals make when they hit each other was music to my ears. I think I’m slowly turning into my mother, that loves flowers so much and each time someone comes into her house she immediately grabs them and makes them a flower tour of the house. I realized I did the same thing last night for my best friend. But back to the tulips, they are one of my favourite flowers and it was such an amazing experience to see so many of them together and being able to run through them.

I was wearing another gorgeous Ever Pretty lace dress that day that blended beautifully in the sea of flowers. I really love the model of that crochet lace and the super relaxed and chic cut of the dress. It is perfect for everyday and even for a special event. I love how versatile it is!

I was wearing:

Ever Pretty pink crochet lace dress
Sam Edelman beige sandals