Chefchaouen birthday party

I have this thing with my birthday, you may have noticed already, when I don’t get stressed that I am getting older and I’m the happiest ever. Since I was 22 years old I have started celebrating my birthdays on this terrace and each year decorated it in a different way and having all my friends dress up matching a certain theme. I know I’m crazy and they probably hate me for that.:)) But this way I know I will create unforgettable moments next to them.

Since two or three years ago I feel more and more inspired by our travels and this is why I wanted to decorate this year in a Moroccan style, all in blue just like my favourite city from Morocco,the blue pearl city that stole my heart from the first Pinterest picture I have ever seen with it. It is Chefchaouen, of course and we did our best in trying to recreate that serene  mood this city gave us. It took almost one full week to paint this time, because it was too hot at noon to do that and started every evening around 4. I have started with the walls, that needed two or maybe three coats, can’t remember exactly and then the Moroccan window drawings, then finally the floor.

I knew that some old pots we’ve found here and there over the years and stocked in the attic will come in hand someday and we have painted them in yellow, in contrast with the blue and got that idea from the lovely Majorelle Gardens from Marrakech. We have painted some other decorations and the rails also in yellow and used some rugs and pillow cases we have bought last year in the same colours. If you are wondering, they were from Tati, from Veranda Mall, but that store closed last fall, I think.

We have picked the food in the same theme, oriental from and it was absolutely delish. We’ve had some chicken wings, chicken and lams skewers, fattoush salad, potatoes and many other goodies you can see in the pics. I totally recommend them if you need catering for a party or other event.

What else?… If you also want to know where my dress is from, check out this link. Haven’t found anything I like in stored and ordered it only two days before my birthday and it came the next day. <3 It’s from NA-KD and you can get 20% off your next order with the code ‘larisax20’.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post and I am waiting for your thoughts about this year’s terrace deco. Also if you have any ideas for next year’s theme, let me know in the comments below.

Have an amazing week and thank you all for the birthday wishes! You are the sweetest!


  1. Arata MINUNAT, bravo! Promit sa fac si eeeu in curand, chiar daca nu am acelasi spatiu, sa vedem ce iese. Inca o data, BRAVO!

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