Poppies field

Happy belated children’s day! This post was meant to be posted yesterday, but we got busy around the house cleaning and arranging everything for my birthday party and didn’t finish the article in time.

Let me tell you that everywhere I see flowers I have to stop and take pictures, then pick some for myself. And as we were driving on our way to Ostuni, we saw this immensity of poppies and had to go out and take pictures, drone it and etc. I was a bit scared and thought a snake will come and bite my leg at anytime, but it was worth it for these pictures. Then we’ve continued our road and got to the amazingly white Ostuni.

Totally loved how my blue NA-KD Fashion dress matched with the intense red of the poppies and if you like it too, you can get it with 20% off with the code ‘larisax20’.

I was wearing:

NA-KD Fashion blue ruffled dress
Jessica Buurman sneakers, similar here
Asos straw hat