Wheat field and silk dress

Each year that goes by I feel more and more connected to the nature and learn how to love it and protect it even more. As much as I need and like technology there’s nothing in the world that could replace the beauty of nature. This is why I try, just try, because it’s so damn difficult to use as less plastic as I can, to recycle and to plant as many trees and flowers, as possible.

Going to the countryside a weekend ago I had to stop and take some pictures with this amazing wheat field and to integrate myself I wore a sunflower silk printed dress from Lilysilk and some straw accessories. Totally in love with pure silk clothing for summer because they are so lightweight and feel cold on your skin during a hot day. Glad that Lilysilk has added to their shop some fun printed dresses that are so needed for this summer.

I was wearing:

Lilysilk sunflower print dress
Asos straw hat
Handmade straw bag
Handmade straw slippers

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