Fiber Infusion


The most questions I get from you guys are about my hair. First of all let me tell you that I was lucky enough to have a lot of hair and by that I don’t mean that my hairs are really thick, they are actually quite thin, but I just have a lot of them. But using the heat in my hair almost every day damages it a lot. Also I stay in the sun for many hours when we are shooting and this makes it really dry and removes the water that can be naturally found in our hair. My hair is naturally curly, so this means that my hair tends to get even more dry than the natural straight hair.

I believe you already know that keratin is very good for our hair. I also knew that but I have never tried a keratin treatment before. You can also straighten you hair for a long period of time with keratin, but that would mean that if you want to curl your hair afterwards it won’t last. This is why I was super happy to hear about this new product from Londa Professional: Fiber Infusion. It is based on keratin that brings the water back into the hair after exposing it to the sun or using hot hair tools. This product basically hydrates, nourishes and this means healthier, shinier hair.

I gave it a try last week at Vali Sava’s hair saloon and couldn’t wait to share the results with you. It has to be applied after shampooing on wet hair, then let it sit for about 5 minutes, meanwhile you have to use the drier for better results (the heat activates the keratin) then you rinse. I genuinely love it, it made my hair super shiny and strong, this is why I grabbed one bottle to take it with me to my travels. It is super difficult to have good hair when you are always on the go and change water every time you are in a different country or even continent. With Fiber Infusion from Londa Professional I already see the difference and the bright sun and hot hair tools don’t have a saying anymore in how healthy my hair looks like. If you follow me on Instastories you’ve probably already seen the difference. The good news is that one of you will be lucky enough to test this new amazing new product at home because I have a really nice giveaway prepared. Check out my Instagram account later on for deets! In the meanwhile if you’re curious make sure you try this new product at home and see its amazing results from the first use.