As I have told you in a previous post, Biertan won me over and now I’m super sad we couldn’t stay longer than one night in there. The people there are so discreet and every street is so picturesque. I felt like I was living in an old school Romanian novel, the ones that I used to read back in the days. The beauty and simplicity of this place actually made me thing that I could give up the life in the city and go and live there. What do you think, would you enjoy that kind of live, or are you enjoying it right now?

In that chilly September morning I was wearing my new oversized beige cardigan from Chicwish. Simply adore oversized sweaters and cardigans and this one feels so soft, like a teddy bear. I’ve matched with a black cami and white pants and my straw bucket bag, because it’s not summer anymore, but it’s not fall yet either. 😛

I was wearing:
Chicwish beige oversized cardigan
Lily silk black cami
Orsay white pants
Anna Cori black sandals
Sensi studio bucket bag