This was my absolute favourite place in Montenegro from Kotor Bay. This little town is not as visited as the others and it is really underrated. But we didn’t mind that and we’ve enjoyed one day almost for ourselves in there. All of the houses and restaurant are built towards the water and of course they have an amazing view over the mountains that surround this bay. Right in the middle of the water there are two small islands with two different churches built on them. Everything is magical from one entry to the other. We’ve climbed a bit the stairs upon the heel and from there the view was even more spectacular. If you ever go to Montenegro and to Kotor Bay, you most definitely have to visit Perast and you’ll fall in love, like all of us did.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves, but really they can’t do it justice. Now I’ve read that this town was under the Venetian domination for hundreds of years and now I really can understand why is it so beautiful. Besides from the really good positioning, there is something so romantic in the air around this little town.

To blend in with the amazing background, I chose to wear the most romantic skirt I could find on Chicwish. The pale roses and the dramatic cut of the skirt made me feel like a princess. Loved pairing it with a ruffled top also from Chicwish and golden sandals.


I was wearing:
Chicwish white ruffled top with black ribbon
Chicwish floral print taffeta skirt
Jessica Buurman golden sandals